When Itís Time to Rock

Ufo - Making Contact

Itís hot up in the west end, thereís panic right downtown
As the gangs assemble, coming up from underground
Well jesus I donít know which side I should be on
Iím a class contender if anything goes wrong
* when itís time to rock
Weíre the only ones
No one takes this block
ícos weíre number one
We sneaked through the no go, very late last night
Out up from the back streets, cruising for a fight
Well jackieís got his six string, he can play behind his back
Mickeyís out from bellevue, heís just makiní tracks
* repeat
As we rocked through the midnight, took íem all by storm
The police boys didnít have a chance, didnít even get warm
Oh daddy, why am I sittiní here, Iím not a member of the bar
Iím not the only wild one in a hot wired car
* repeat
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