Shyheim - Still There

Video y letra de Still There, del artista Shyheim

Hah, oh word up, this is one of them
Yo let me tell ya son
This one of them gettin dick sucked type tracks
Im tellin you, in the closests or where check it out
Verse one:
What up boo, how life treatin ya girl
Hopefully youíre takin care of yourself out in the world
As for me, Iím mainting in this packed hell hole
Hopefully in the year 2000 big kaneíll be home
My old school crew frontin on me cept for a few
Itís a shame that jail had to make me feel the way I do
But itís all good, enough for me whatís up wit you
You donít write or come and visit me like you used to
Whatís the problem huh why all of a sudden you dissapearin
Now that I need you the most you actin like you donít care and
It hurts my feelins but life must continue
I heard that big mark died please donít say this shit is true
If so thatís fucked up oh tell my niggaz whatís up
And donít get caught up in no bullshit and get sicked up
How is my seeds doin I know theyíre crazy big by now
Tell íem daddy loves íem no matter what the fuck goes down
And love dark ha, heís a dead man walkin for talkin
To jiggy jake Iím puttin him in a coffin
Ay yo Iím vexed so ima end this little letta
So take care of yourself for worst or for fuckin betta
Are you still there for me baby I need to know
Youíre one of the only things I got in this whole wide world
Youíre my whole wide world
Verse two:
All I do is party and bullshit
Fuck big chicks thatís mad thick
Roll through the big city
In bmís and cruiser landís
But damn, it ainít the same without my fam
You niggaz understand
On new years I drink beers and bust off heat
Iím in this little street doin by any means to eat
You gotta get up get out and rob suntin
Ha donít let dem niggaz with that cream walk by thatís right
I be shootin and stabbin, robbin niggaz whateva
For gold chains, rings, watches, diamond studs and leathaz
My peoples one love yíall stay bugged
Donít crimp your style none cause we thugs..foreva
Are you still there for me homiez I need to know
Youíre really the only thing I got in this whole wide world
Youíre my whole wide world
(my cousin tawana, rest in peace girl, youíre my whole wide world)
I need somebody there when itís hard kid oh yeah yeah
When they bring the ruckus to me
Youíre my whole wide world
Video y letra de Still There, del artista Shyheim

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