R. Kelly - Shake Ya Body

Video y letra de Shake Ya Body, del artista R. Kelly

[r] uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
[chorus: r. kelly + (lilí kim)]
Uh-huh (shake ya body body, move ya body body)
Uh-huh (twist ya body body, switch ya body body)
Uh-huh (dip ya body body, work ya body body)
Uh-huh (any-body body, every-body body)
[r. kelly]
Pub-o, drank-o, ídro plus the bev-o
Hands in the air-o, holla like echo
Toneís in the dub with, momo and poke-o
Tone be like kujo, I be like cecil
Fists rockin like adriiian!
We come through like superfriends!
Tick-tock, tick-tock, itís six oíclock
And the party wonít stop, bout to hit the ihop
Got twenty inch mirrors rollin under the drop
So clap that shit up yíall and make it hot
[r. kelly]
New york, chicago, atlanta, l.a.
Miami crazy like yippie-i-yae
Rude boys in the club smokin on hay
Smoke the (? ) weed, cali and the bay
Real live niggaz - put yíall hands up
Wanna get tossed - drink that liquor
Whoís got the industry locked - kelly and jigga
Crack my skull - turn that shit up
[r. kelly]
We got honies everywhere
Corks off the crisí poppin everywhere
Partyin hard like we just donít care
The best of both worlds, that shit ainít fair
This shit ainít fair
I, am, jay, hoví
Mami shake ya body body, donít hurt no-body body
Itís me in the god-body, r. kelly the john gotti
Of r&b thug and me I would say Iím probably
The hardest rapper to ever cop on poppy and
Put it in a song, ma how could you go wrong ha? ha? ha? ha?
Worse than a armed robbery
Know that Iím armed properly, whenever the armís rocky
You can go on clockin me, ainít nuttin goní stop me
High as allah I be, movin in peace but i
Move with the piece, so them, dudes in the streets
Will never remove my piece, ha? ha? , got me
Niggazíll never get me, I never move sloppy
Move with the glock-50, got some tupac with me
Letís not test my gangsta, just, raise your glasses
Mami, shake ya asses, this is a thug classic
[lilí kim]
Make a hole make a hole and let the queen come past
I come through in the speedboat, with 808ís in the glass
Push big things here, bet most of yíall crash
Back to trainin lightweights, you in the wrong weight class
Haters, stay awake, fuck the harlem shake
We slam dance like onyx, check my ebonics
You got, heat nigga you thinkin we wonít blaze?
Gotta come hard cause these are the last days
When i, do it I doís it, ainít no more to it (word)
Ask (? ) I puts my back into it
From car dealers to macyís, to cashiers that brace me
We train like the navy for whatever the case may be
I pass on the 6, they donít impress me much
I want the bulletproof 7 cause the doors lift up
They pick the best of all girls, so how yíall sound?
I got the best of both worlds, holdin me down
[r] uh-huh!
Video y letra de Shake Ya Body, del artista R. Kelly

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