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Video y letra de Only Ones, del artista Ufo

Can you feel me, I’m so close I’m sure
Anytime if you would call be right to your door
Is it over, lost this time for good
I never knew that I could be so misunderstood
* we are the only ones, left alone with this heart of stone
We are the only ones with nothin’ left but fools alone
Life’s so empty, there’s nothin’ left for me
Oh I wish you were back, baby you and me
Last september, it’s like yesterday
You slipped through my hands, there’s nothing more to say
* repeat
I can feel the magic in your heart tonight
I thought we had something oh so right
Baby tell me do you still care
’cause this ain’t no game of kiss and dare
* repeat twice then go into the instrumental fade out
Video y letra de Only Ones, del artista Ufo

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