Ufo - Heavenís Gate

Video y letra de Heavenís Gate, del artista Ufo

As midnight draws itís steely shades
And the boystown girls go on parade
My tattoo sheís a kiss away
In the creole town itís another day
Tears of rage and tears of pain
Weíre two lovers called íem different ways
No redemption no remorse
But this love drives a deadly course
* I canít wait for you
Heavenís gate wonít wait
I canít wait for you
ícause heavenís gate wonít wait
So hold me close, donít let go
With one last kiss, weíll never know
What should have, could have, might have been
Weíre just chasiní one more dream
I can hear the mardi gras
From my hotel window it seems to far
As daylight creeps through the shades
I can see the price we paid
* repeat
* repeat twice
Video y letra de Heavenís Gate, del artista Ufo

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