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Video y letra de Feel It, del artista Ufo

I hear the jukebox on it’s full playback
Her high-heeled shoes go clickity-clack
Sweet, sweet suzy dress way low
Does a dance just to let you know
* you wanna feel it, feel it
Breaks your heart if you don’t leave her alone
Feel it, feel it it’s one quick walk out in the danger zone
** oooh, it’s a love that makes you burn
Oooh, well a promise that you can see
Ooh every head she can she turns
Ooh (well that’s love) (when you get that love to keep)
The boys’ in danny’s bar and grill
Swapping stories on the old cheap thrill
But you pick up the air as she walks in
She’ll never talk much or try it again
* repeat
** repeat
Every night she makes you dream a little more
With a smile that opens every door
In her eyes you’ll see the promises
One kiss tells everything
* repeat
** repeat
Some girls you live with and some you need
This one’s the girl that’s gonna make you bleed
See her strut she moves from head to toe
What you ain’t got she’ll never know
**repeat and fade
Video y letra de Feel It, del artista Ufo

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