Ufo - Doing It All for You

Video y letra de Doing It All for You, del artista Ufo

Lights turn red to green
I havenít been spotted I seen
Four more blocks and Iím safe
Make it clean without a chase
Thereís something special, certain feeling
I canít blow this one for sure
Iíve been nervous, anxious and edgy
This oneís the last one thereíll be no more
What Iíve got to do tonight
Take the car and meet the man downtown
Itís easy darling, working away
Before the wordís got around
* and Iíll do it all for you, oh yes I will
This time Iím coming through, oh yeah
I said Iím burning, I been rolling
This carís turned up to make it fly
Donít worry darling just get ready
Tonight weíre gonna be going out in style
If anyone comes calling around
Donít answer ícause youíre my alibi
So just trust me, kiss me and love me
Chasing the golden mile
* repeat
* repeat
Video y letra de Doing It All for You, del artista Ufo

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