Ufo - Push, Itís Love

Video y letra de Push, Itís Love, del artista Ufo

I take you walking out tonight
Iím looking good for you
What you see is what you get
You wonít need a cue
Come on girl give it all youíve got
Donít just stand and stare
Love, love, love, love
Love me if you really dare
* and you know that Iíll come
Iíll do it anywhere
In and out and up and down
As long as we get there
Push, itís love, make it feel so good
Push, itís love, do it like you should
I canít stop when youíre so hot
Oh really let it go
Itís standing up or sitting down
Come on let me know
Make it to the music
Love it like you donít care
Down, down, down, down
Get it right down there
* repeat
When I get to rolliní now
Watch this trouser snake
Oh my baby hang on in
Keep on till you shake
When you dance, dressed way low
Iíll be at your feet
You know, know, know, know
Youíre good enough to eat
* repeat
Video y letra de Push, Itís Love, del artista Ufo

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