Anthrax - Imitation of Life

Video y letra de Imitation of Life, del artista Anthrax

There’s nothing I hate more, than all these plastic people,
With all there plastic promises, and all there plastic deals.
They just can’t be themselves, and live their own lives out.
They’re just an imitaiton of what life’s all about.
Because of me you are who you are,
So sign your name and you’ll go for.
I’m your friend: I think you should,
So sign your name, it’s for your own good.
How many times have you heard this today?
Some boguns piss on saying ’let’s do lunch babe.’
For them this bullshit, that’s their whole life.
Cut through their bullshit with a knife!
Imitation of life!
Oh! oh! oh! anger burns!
Imitation of life!
Living out a lie, you’ll never be right.
Imitation of life!
Why are you here? taking up my space!
The new imperfect race;
Imitation of life!
Still call him a friend.
Bands dress like women with hairspray and lace,
I’d pass an image law, stick it in your face!
Let’s see how long they keep dressing this way,
Wearing this image twenty four hours a day!
Video y letra de Imitation of Life, del artista Anthrax

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